How to prepare for job interviews

First things first, you've got yourself an interview so congratulations! You have obviously written a great application or CV/résumé and have convinced them that you have the skills and knowledge required to do the job, which is fantastic. Next you will need to prove that, out of everyone they've shortlisted, you're the one that they... Continue Reading →

What were you doing, aged 25?

Last week the delightful Fauxred turned 25 and she posted on her Tumblr something about wishing she'd achieved more by that age. This struck me as slightly odd as, well, I've never thought that. I don't remember ever thinking "I wish I'd done more", mostly because I have never had a life plan, I guess.... Continue Reading →

Moving forwards

My first office job was the sort you always remember. After some boring and low-paid retail work following university, it was wonderful to start using my brain again whilst getting paid decent money for it. I was solving problems, liaising with interesting people, and working as part of a really great little team. I left... Continue Reading →

Job satisfaction and… new horizons?

The two-year itch has hit again and I'm once again browsing job adverts in the hope of finding something more stimulating. However, the desire for some kind of overall direction or purpose in my work life is still hanging over me and so I'm finally doing something about it. I've signed up for The School... Continue Reading →

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