January Lust List: Jewellery

After two years of monthly Lust List posts purely based on intimate apparel, I have decided to take a different approach for 2017. Each month, I will pick a different category of objects, events or experiences that I am lusting after. If money can buy it and I want it, you'll find it here. Many... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: XL

X is always a tricky letter in any A-to-Z, and my list of accessories was no different. However, there are a growing number of plus size brands that are also offering accessories for bigger waists, hands and feet than most hight street stores do, so I decided to go with XL as a post of... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: Vintage

I'm approaching the end of my A-to-Z of Accessories and V just had to be for Vintage. The problem is that I'm not a massive expert on vintage accessories and so this post is going to just be a very brief one on recommendations of places where you can find out more about pre-loved accessories... Continue Reading →

Style inspiration via social media

When planning my search for a style icon post at the end of last year, I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions of stylish non-slender women over 30. There were some interesting suggestions, mostly famous folk, and one that really stood out. Quite a few people reckoned I should be looking to Christina McMc for... Continue Reading →

Tatty Devine lucky dip weekend

I've been meaning to blog about this since it happened but have just been too busy. However, now that I have a moment to sit down and catch my breath, let me tell you about the Tatty Devine lucky dip weekend. Last year my favourite jewellery brand announced a special online accompaniment to their Bank... Continue Reading →

Introducing… The WISE Creative

The WISE Creative aims to promote what Wales, (Northern) Ireland, Scotland and England have to offer by bringing together luxury brands manufacturing within the British Isles. With a core belief that small independent brands stand stronger together when in a supportive and collaborative group, Helena F McKeown and Rose Fulbright set up The Wise Creative... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: Jewellery

Once you get up to J in an A-to-Z of Accessories, the obvious entry for this letter is... jewellery. Originally encompassing necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, earrings, pendants and many other body adornments made out of metal, these days the word can refer to a great many more items. Graduates of courses like London College of... Continue Reading →

A day at the seaside

Things have been pretty hectic for me recently and so I decided I needed a day at the seaside to help me relax. The only sensible choice was Brighton as it's not far from London and there's just so much to do there. You can spend the day sunbathing, riding roller coasters and eating ice... Continue Reading →

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