Panache: Modelled by Role Models

Following on from last year's amazing Modelled by Role Models campaign and the announcement of Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams as the face of their sports bra, Panache are using International Women's Day to launch their search for their role models of 2016. If the world is changed by examples rather than opinions, then we... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Wowzers!

Saturday 8th March is International Women's Day, so what better time to celebrate the achievements, creativity and talents of women and girls around the globe? Well, that's exactly what Wowzers Festival will be doing in London next weekend. This exciting community-led event is open to all and includes activists, performers, writers, campaigners and... you. With... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March, is International Women's Day (IWD). It's a day for celebrating women's achievements globally, for discussing issues relavent to women's lives, and for taking action where it's still needed. Many people misunderstand the point of IWD, either thinking it's a Hallmark Holiday or bemoaning the apparent lack of an International Men's Day (which... Continue Reading →

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