Thoughts on friendship

I often see articles on how to have successful relationships, but these are almost always focused on romantic and/or sexual relationships, which is odd because we have so many other relationships in our lives. We have relationships with family, friends and colleagues, but there is nowhere near as much general advice out there on how... Continue Reading →

How to talk to your partner

If I asked you "do you tell your partner everything?", what would your answer be? If your reply would be "no, not everything" and you sometimes wonder why your significant other isn't a mind reader, perhaps you should stop and think about that for a while. How can they truly know you if you keep... Continue Reading →

But, honestly

Ohhh a big blank empty space, just for me to scribble in.Write me a guest post, she said.It can be about anything you want, she said.ANYTHING I WANT?Wow.That's very liberating. Very liberating indeed.Especially if I was to ask to remain anonymous... (which I didn't, as you've probably already figured out).If I were anonymous I could... Continue Reading →

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