Time for a break

Lunar New Year LanternsOriginally uploaded by lipstickloriBack in 2005, Topper and I went to Hong Kong for the first time. It was around the time of the Lunar New Year celebrations, so I got plenty of photos of the beautiful red decorations and we really enjoyed the wonderful fireworks display over the harbour. It was... Continue Reading →

Brussels: my review

It was lovely to spend a weekend away with the fantastic Mr Topper, but Brussels wasn't the best place we've ever been. Not even the second best place we've ever been... together... in Europe. My recommendations would therefore be: If you're in London, save money on travel and accommodation and simply stock up on chocolate... Continue Reading →


I returned from holiday and promptly spent two evenings sorting through my digital photos and getting them uploaded, tagged and labelled. I felt a nice wave of satisfaction after having been so organised but then, later in the week, remembered something. I now had three exposed films, waiting patiently to be developed. Yes, film... the... Continue Reading →

Holidays are over once more

I'm back from ten days in Sweden, where it was my perfect summer temperature and there was lots of daylight. We spent five days in a friend's summer house in the north, getting away from it all and enjoying the gorgeous views, plus celebrating midsummer the traditional way. The only bad thing was the mosquitos...... Continue Reading →

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