The wanderer returns

When I decided to stop updating this blog back in February, it was because I was feeling thoroughly uninspired. I didn't know what I wanted to write about any more and the (entirely self imposed) pressure of updating the site on a regular basis had become an added worry that I didn't need. After a... Continue Reading →

On hiatus…

I've been throwing my opinions at the internet for quite some time now. Even if you don't include the stuff I wrote before I got my own domain, or the inane hand coded HTML updates that were the very beginnings of my first site, I've still been at this blogging lark for 11 years. Not... Continue Reading →

Taking a bit of “me time”

I've been desperately trying to find time to update this blog over the last few weeks, but have finally realised that I need to admit defeat. My day job has become incredibly busy lately and I simply don't have the emotional bandwidth to spend the amount of spare time required to keep this blog ticking... Continue Reading →

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