Review: Escape Scarves

Earlier this year, I marvelled at the silk escape maps which had been turned into beautiful underwear that was on display at the Imperial War Museum's Fashion on the Ration exhibition. These maps were extremely practical - they didn't fall apart in the rain and could be tucked up very small in a pocket -... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: Hats

My wedding-themed week seemed like the perfect time to restart my A-to-Z of Accessories, because we're up to H... for hats! Classic wedding guest attire, and an essential for the mother of the bride, hats are now something for her daughter to consider too. As the traditional veil has fallen out of favour, many brides... Continue Reading →

She who hesitates…

I had a mini-clearout at the weekend and put aside a small pile of garments to take to Bang Bang and get myself some store credit. When you don't have much money, a clothing exchange is the perfect way to indulge your shopping habit without forking out any cash. Every time I pop in to... Continue Reading →

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