Just to be clear: I HATE Uggs

There are three types of footwear that I hate with a passion. One is Crocs, which are so out of fashion right now that I think I no longer need to worry about them. The second is the scourge of the summer known as flip-flops. The third is the slouchy winter footwear from hell... Uggs.... Continue Reading →

Why do women read the Daily Mail?

I don't usually read the Daily Fail's website but sometimes its headlines are so ridiculous that, when you catch sight of one via Twitter or someone else's newspaper on public transport, you just have to investigate further. Like this: Gender-bender chemicals 'putting everyone at risk'. From the use of the phrase 'gender bender' to the... Continue Reading →

Hate’s a strong word, Tanya

Tanya Gold is a very angry woman. "Why I hate fashion" she screams in The Guardian, but it sounds to me like what she actually hates is high-heeled shoes and the people who make young models miserable. It's the fashion industry that is sometimes questionable (like a great many industries these days), but not fashion... Continue Reading →

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