Happy Holidays

As I've never been Christian, it has always felt slightly awkward referring to this time of year as Christmas. However, seeing as most of the traditions I enjoy were originally part of the Yule celebrations, I feel that it's still acceptable for me to join in... even if I'm usually a little careful of the... Continue Reading →

All Change

Settling into the single bed in my Mum's spare bedroom on Christmas Night, was not where I thought I'd be at the beginning of 2011. Feeling like a teenager again, with my Mum excitedly coming to greet me in the mornings, and checking if I'm OK during the day. Having gone through a major relationship... Continue Reading →

Positive thinking

A friend told me on Friday about the time when she had an appraisal at work that didn't go so well. To counteract all the undeserved negativity that resulted, she decided to write about why she deserved a good review and told me that, although it is extremely hard to do, writing 2.5 pages on... Continue Reading →

Things that make me smile

Spring is here and we're all happy. Well, spring was here last week and now it seems like the UK weather has returned to a more wintery state, but the start of British Summer Time always brings with it a new bunch of smiles, even if they can be harder to maintain on a grey... Continue Reading →

Here’s to friends!

I was chatting with a friend last week who was complimenting me on my burlesque performance work. I was preparing a less structured piece for an event he was running at the weekend and he was very excited about it, telling me that he'd loved my last two burlesque acts and that I should try... Continue Reading →

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