On fashion and superficiality

I'm not entirely sure how it took me over a week to notice, but Hadley Freeman went and wrote (yet another) brilliant thing about fashion. 15 year old Olivia wrote to Hadley's advice column in the Guardian to ask how to get her classmates to stop calling her stupid for reading fashion magazines, and the... Continue Reading →

It’s not all like Pretty Woman

A couple of days ago, one of the best kept blogging secrets was revealed when Belle de Jour scuppered the Daily Fail's proposed exclusive by outing herself in the Sunday Times. Much has been said since then, by bloggers who'd known for years but kindly kept quiet and by sexbloggers who'd lost their anonymity in... Continue Reading →

Easily annoyed

A colleague has done something today that has really annoyed me for no apparent reason. It's a small thing that shouldn't matter to anyone else at all, but I am practically grinding my teeth it's irritated me so much. Inexplicably and pointlessly seething with rage though I am, I've got nothing on the idiots who... Continue Reading →

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