What is a ‘best’ friend?

Like many people, when I was growing up I was never without a best friend and never questioned the concept of having one. As far as I knew, it was just something every child did. Before I started in full-time education, my best friend was a girl who lived near me. When she went to... Continue Reading →

Introducing… Folie A Deux

As you might imagine, I get a fair amount of emails in my inbox that are about something I might want to feature on Rarely Wears Lipstick. Most of the time it's messages from PR companies who clearly haven't read my site and are offering me exclusive interviews with sports stars or other completely inappropriate... Continue Reading →

Awesome ideas: Clothes swap

The idea behind a clothes swap party is simple. Collect up all the clothing you don't wear any more, take the garments to someone's house with a load of other friends who have all had a wardrobe clear out too, open some wine and start trying things on. The group of women you get together... Continue Reading →

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