My week without Twitter

Well, I'm nearly there. I set myself the challenge of managing to last seven days without using Twitter, and I am nearly there. At midnight I shall log back in and see if anything's changed... if anyone remembers me. To be honest, I sort of cheated in a way. Back in January, I was completely... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes great things happen. House parties turn out to be far more awesome that you'd hoped they'd be, that cabaret show ends up being an absolute belter, and a few quiet drinks with friends somehow becomes the best night out you've had in a very long time. Years ago, this stuff happened and then you'd... Continue Reading →

Help needed

Sometimes the people you love need help to get them through emotionally tricky times, but this isn't always as easy to provide as you might think. All caring friends are willing to listen to problems and offer advice, but occasionally things become too much for a non-professional to fix - so how do you continue... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I arrived home feeling the most festive I have felt in a long time. Usually I don't really have much seasonal spirit, reserving any excitement for the minimum-work maximum-food delights of Doctor Who Day itself, but yesterday grabbed me like an annoying Mr Hankey and forced me to comply with its festive demands. Christmas... Continue Reading →

Half (marathon) Nelson

Last August, I had my photo taken by Rankin as part of a massive exhibition of his work that was on show at the Old Truman Brewery for a few months. I tweeted while I waited for my turn in front of the camera, and then also after the shoot, which led to a few... Continue Reading →

Inspiring, not pointless

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the internet is a fantastic place to socialise, chat and meet new people. What Zoe Williams may think of as "pointless messing about" is, to me, about building new friendships and maintaining existing ones. If didn't exist, I would never have met a whole host... Continue Reading →

Life drawing at 40 Winks

Last night I attended a life drawing evening at the beautiful 40 Winks with the fabulous ladies from Kink Ink. We were greeted at the door by Mr Carter in his top hat and, despite Rae's best efforts, were not put on the naughty list and so were allowed in. Just as well really, as... Continue Reading →

Here’s to friends!

I was chatting with a friend last week who was complimenting me on my burlesque performance work. I was preparing a less structured piece for an event he was running at the weekend and he was very excited about it, telling me that he'd loved my last two burlesque acts and that I should try... Continue Reading →

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