AW16 bras at Selfridges’ Body Studio

After visiting the Fit Studio at Selfridges' Body Studio when it first opened in April, I was already pondering a return visit. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I received an email asking if I'd like to book another bra fit appointment to check out the AW16 stock they'd just received. The message promised a... Continue Reading →

Review: Daily Boost by Curvy Kate

As you may have noticed from a review I posted earlier this year, I have only recently discovered the large cup lingerie brand Curvy Kate and, following my initial encounter, have somewhat fallen in love with them. Treating 'curvy' as a shape rather than a size, this British brand aims to "make curvy girls feel... Continue Reading →

Review: Bra fitting at Bravissimo

In February 2011, I reviewed Bravissimo's fitting service for BitchBuzz. Since then, I have used my increased knowledge of bra sizing whenever purchasing bras, and have returned to Bravissimo many times because of the quality of their service. So, I thought it was worth re-posting my review here. Even if most department stores stock your... Continue Reading →

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