Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I arrived home feeling the most festive I have felt in a long time. Usually I don't really have much seasonal spirit, reserving any excitement for the minimum-work maximum-food delights of Doctor Who Day itself, but yesterday grabbed me like an annoying Mr Hankey and forced me to comply with its festive demands. Christmas... Continue Reading →

Figgy pudding and cocktails

Most people I know fall into one of two camps when it comes to Christmas - the 'meh' camp is made up of people who don't really care about anything other than the time off work it grants them, whereas the 'squee' camp get excited about any and all aspects of the holiday season. Usually... Continue Reading →

Time and lack thereof

Recently I've been even less organised than usual, so have been almost ignoring my bulging 'to do' list and simply thinking of the fun things (e.g. my pin-up photoshoot with Retro Photostudio and rehearsals for the group act in The Rebel Rebels' Christmas show) rather than the more difficult things (learning vocabulary for my evening... Continue Reading →

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