Feminism Friday: Bechdel Test

You may have heard of the Bechdel Test for movies. It was mentioned in the comments of my recent post on women in television series and so I thought it might be worth covering in a separate post. The thing is, this won't be a long post because the test is extremely simple and consists... Continue Reading →

I’m just as amazing as you

I saw this image on Facebook and Twitter this morning, and the subsequent discussions have been interesting. I assume the image was designed to help women feel better about themselves, but the people who created it have not gone about this in a particularly useful way. First of all, I'm pretty sure many people would... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Consent is sexy!

Here we go again. The company who once brought you adverts showing women in control of their sexuality is not only re-visiting dead-eyed high fashion territory with one of its latest videos - albeit for a somewhat couture section of their range that hardly anyone can afford - but it is also suggesting that all... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Erotica covers

Have you ever noticed how the covers of erotic novels are, to put it bluntly, a bit fucking sexist? Despite the fact that many of these stories sexualise men for the titillation of women, the images that appear on the covers mostly appear to objectify women. Even though heterosexual women enjoy looking at men, apparently... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Trans Media Watch

On Monday I went to a fascinating talk by Juliet Jacques, as part of LGBT History Month. Although the mainstream media are now far better at discussing the L and G, B still gets very little coverage and T... well, T is still so very misunderstood. Even though it's now 2012! Because of this, Juliet... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Vintage vs Feminism

For a while I have been considering writing a piece that combines two of my favourite subjects: vintage fashion and feminism. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Retro Chick wrote a fantastic article about her feelings on how a "vintage" style and identity relates to feminism. That post was inspired by Lena from Style High... Continue Reading →

Women of the World 2012

Last year, the Southbank Centre held its first Women of the World Festival, and I'm pleased to report that WOW is back in 2012! A "celebration of the formidable strength and inventiveness of women", running from 7th to 11th March, this annual festival presents and recognises women from all walks of life, acting as a... Continue Reading →

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