New burlesque beginnings?

Much to my delight, last week's ponderings on burlesque generated an awful lot of comments here, Tumblr, Twitter and also on Facebook. It was wonderful to hear that I am not the only performer who was caught up in the sparkly excitement of it all, only to slowly begin to find the experience somewhat unfulfilling,... Continue Reading →

The great porn debate

Last night, I was alerted to the existance of an article on pornography that appeared in yesterday's Guardian. This morning I saw it mentioned by someone else I follow on Twitter. The two people who mentioned the article had opposing yet engaging views on it so I was curious as to where I would stand... Continue Reading →

Are you a secret feminist?

Stylist magazine continues to puzzle me. I am infuriated by its constant promotion of assorted 'on-trend' fashion, home and beauty items that are way out of the price range of someone who reads a free magazine, and am often astounded by the poor choice of photography and headlines that can accompany even their most well... Continue Reading →

Reclaiming the F Word

Last night I went to the launch event for Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune's book Reclaiming the F Word at The University Women's Club. When I signed up to the event on Facebook, I just assumed from the name that this was perhaps a part of the University of London and was expecting to just... Continue Reading →

Tradition, not romance

I have never understood how something as seemingly important as marriage could be proposed rather than discussed. I have never understood how people can spend hundreds (often thousands) on an engagement ring rather than, perhaps, an engagement sofa (or car). I have never understood the point of 'being engaged'. These things may have had a... Continue Reading →

Farewell Sex and the City

Hadley Freeman mourns the death of Sex and the City in The Guardian with quite possibly the best opening lines for a film review, ever: "I'm not asking for much. I just don't want to be sick in my mouth. I don't want to leave the cinema feeling like I've paid 7.50 to be mocked,... Continue Reading →

Brief thoughts on body confidence

Last year, when I was tweeting about being snapped by Rankin, I got a message from Claire Nelson asking me how the shoot went and what to expect from hers the following day. I'd never met this woman before that but, after Rankin Live brought us together, we became firm online friends. Turns out we... Continue Reading →

Rape is about power, not sex

Yesterday I heard about the results of a survey on rape and blame. I set my alarm to wake me up with the radio every morning and heard about it on the news but, being half asleep at the time, thought I'd better check the story online in case I'd misheard. Apparently not. "The majority... Continue Reading →

Feminism vs. Burlesque

My love affair with burlesque is like a rollercoaster. Some days that's a good thing and it's like Nemesis - really exciting with plenty of ups and downs, but the highs are so great that they compensate for the lows. On other days it's like Oblivion - it has the potential to make me feel... Continue Reading →

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