Feminism Friday: Sexist Slogans

Every now and again, someone tweets a link to something for sale on the internet which makes me do a double-take. Recently we've seen a girls' t-shirt with the slogan "I'm too pretty to do homework", and then Topman takes things a step further by comparing women to dogs and also making a list of... Continue Reading →

Kiss and make up

Make up is fascinating stuff. There is a strange kind of freedom in it being socially acceptable to apply a painted mask to your face before you head off into the outside world each day, but it is also rather odd that this is only widely acceptable within certain gendered restrictions. Adult women without make... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday

Every week, I seem to encounter something that niggles at my inner feminist, so I've decided that this sort of thing probably deserves a regular spot on my blog. Either it's something infuriating which illustrates people's misunderstanding of feminism, strong women who say they are definitely not a feminist, or simply another reason why feminism... Continue Reading →

Body Image: Remember… size is just a number

The system used for labelling the sizing of women's clothes is a mystery to most of us. When the various standardised systems were first introduced, it became easier for women to buy clothing off-the-peg and know which garment would be most likely to fit them. However, since the 1980s, UK manufacturers have individually been slowly... Continue Reading →

Love your body

Back in March, I wrote about how these so-called 'real' women the media are always banging on about don't always have curves. I pointed out that actual real women come in a pleasing variety of shapes sizes. Fat, thin, old or young, each of us is a unique combination of race, nationality, height, weight, build,... Continue Reading →

Beer for women? Beer for all!

When Animée lager was launched, earlier this month, the only things I heard about it were bad. The main gist of what was being said online is that there are far better tasting beers already on the market, and brewers should stop marketing their products solely to men rather than waste time and money on... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about SlutWalk London

On Saturday 11th June, thousands of women and men marched through central London to draw attention to the fact that rape is NOT acceptable, clothing is NOT consent and victims should NOT be blamed. The march and rally that followed in Trafalgar Square were positive, peaceful and presented a united force for feminist good. Sadly,... Continue Reading →

Get your SlutWalk facts straight!

As you may have heard, Toronto police officer Michael Sanguinetti told students at Osgoode Hall Law School that, "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised" and, within a few months, Slutwalks had been organised in many cities across Canada and the US in response to his comments. Despite the name,... Continue Reading →

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