Feminism Friday: Women of the Year 2011

The Guardian posted their Women of the Year list online today, which is an interesting collection indeed. Their selections are much more deserving than those on many other lists I've seen, some of which only seem to celebrate fame and beauty. Although I often have trouble remembering the events of the previous 12 months by... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Pink stinks!

I've had it with pointlessly gendered products. Pink for boys and blue for girls - not only should we all have grown out of this a long time ago, like the 1980s, but it's actually getting worse! Charlie posted a link to some 'delightfully feminine' gadgets on Twitter earlier today, which made me realise what... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: The Help

Last week I found myself at a loose end one evening. It's been so long since I last had a few hours to myself where going home was not an option, that I really didn't know what to do with myself. I asked around and none of my friends were available, so I racked my... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Who am I?

I am Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL Hypnotic Red. I am Olay Complete Care Moisturising Fluid. I am L'Oréal True Match pressed powder. I am Clinique Lash Power Mascara. I am Boots No7 eyebrow pencil. I am a vintage dress and United Nude shoes. I am a Tatty Devine GIN necklace. I am really ridiculously good... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Cabaret opera?

I don't really know much about opera. I know that I love the sound of a good operatic vocal, and I have enjoyed a number of performances of and inspired by opera. On Monday evening I attended a concert called Disturbia, at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank. The first piece performed by the... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Beyond equality

Feminists always argue that, to a certain extent, gender inequality still exists. There is still a significant pay gap in many countries and violence against women is a big problem, plus we are being increasingly made to feel as though our own bodies are a battleground. The fight is not yet over. However, today I... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: All girls together?

When I started Feminism Friday, I did wonder if I would have something to write about every week. I really needn't have worried my 'pretty little head' about it. Earlier this week, I popped out to grab a sandwich and found myself staring at a sea of women's magazines, pondering whether or not I wanted... Continue Reading →

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