On reclaiming girlishness

Earlier this month, I was alerted to a new project on the SHOWstudio website, entitled Girly. Created by editor Lou Stoppard and director Nick Knight, Girly aims to unpick fashion's relationship with overt, cartoon femininity and it does so in typical SHOWstudio style via a series of essays and interviews, a fashion film and a... Continue Reading →

Review: Fierce Femmes

When I heard about the latest Familyyy Fierce event, via Rarely Wears Lipstick columnist Rubyyy Jones, I knew I simply had to go along. Sadly, my diary was not my friend on this occasion and I couldn't make it, so I got in touch with one of the most fierce femmes I know to ask... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Fear of femininity

Following on from last Friday's post about femme as an identity, I realised I had a few unwritten thoughts on the subject of femininity. Earlier this year, Lady Cheek told me about the World Femininity Day celebrations that she had planned for London. This was during a discussion on feminism and I have to admit... Continue Reading →

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