What I Wore Wednesday

Sometimes it's good to wait. A few months ago I tried on a skirt in John Lewis and it was pretty much perfect for me. A wide waistband that sat on the natural waist, a full skirt, carefully placed patch pockets and beautiful button detailing down the back. It was the sort of wool mix... Continue Reading →

Rummaging in the basement

My office is close to Oxford Circus and so sometimes the lure is just too great. I know that, thanks to Philip Green, Topshop is now seen as a bit of a beacon of corporate evil, but in my teenage years that store was the reason we came to London. I spent many a happy... Continue Reading →

Versace for H&M

I stepped out of Oxford Circus tube station this morning to find myself transported into the past, to some time circa 1992. The windows of H&M were awash with neon colours, garish prints and studded leather jackets. I half-expected to see Christy, Linda, Cindy and Naomi look-a-likes strutting down the street towards me, lip-syncing to... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on sustainable fashion

I've always had a reasonably sustainable attitude towards fashion. Not because of a selfless desire to protect the world's resources, but more because, well... it's fun. As a child, I was introduced to the concept of second-hand clothes via 'hand-me-down' garments. As the older sister I didn't receive many, but the thrill of seeing a... Continue Reading →

Festive Fever

As the festive party season approaches... I know, I know... I'm sorry. It seems as though the moment Halloween is out of the way, everyone says it. Every women's magazine and website, anyway. Once we hit December it's apparently 'party time', so we all need to buy some pretty things to wear in order to... Continue Reading →

Stop Traffic Clothing

I can't remember when I first found out about Stop Traffic Clothing, but the first time I really fell for their gorgeous range of retro clothes was at Coquette at Kettner's earlier this year. Seeing a selection of the Bettie Page, Stop Staring and Miss Fortune dresses and getting lots of help from their lovely... Continue Reading →

Vivien of Halloween!

It's no secret that I love Vivien of Holloway clothing. When I first discovered their 1950s style dresses at the start of my vintage/retro obsession, I thought I'd struck gold. Using adapted 1950s patterns and making the same garment in many fabrics has meant that they will always feature on my wishlist. After all, if... Continue Reading →

How to dress for your age

We all know that there are things we supposedly can't wear when we get passed a certain age, and we've all heard the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb". However, the exact details of what shouldn't be worn after which age is far less easy to determine. After all, humans come in all different shapes and... Continue Reading →

Investment pieces

I've never been one for Primark bargains. It's mostly an ethical choice - how can they sell clothing so cheaply? - but it's also one of value. If I impulse buy cheap clothing, it will often be that same stuff which annoys me when it goes with nothing and starts cluttering up my wardrobe. I... Continue Reading →

30 Years of Self Expression

When I moved to Manchester in 1994, one of the things I loved most about the city to begin with was the shopping. As a textile design student, I decided early on that any time spent wandering around shops was vital for my degree, and so a spot of 'research' would happen on a reasonably... Continue Reading →

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