Dollydagger Model Search 2013

Last October, one of my favourite UK independent fashion brands ran a competition to find a face for their clothing line. Brighton-based Dollydagger received a whopping 118 entries and shortlisted 8 finalists, but the whole thing was so much fun that they're planning on doing it all over again! "When we launched the competition in... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes great things happen. House parties turn out to be far more awesome that you'd hoped they'd be, that cabaret show ends up being an absolute belter, and a few quiet drinks with friends somehow becomes the best night out you've had in a very long time. Years ago, this stuff happened and then you'd... Continue Reading →

Cancer awareness vs cure

Last Thursday I received a Facebook message from an old friend and was hugely disappointed to discover that it was the forwarding of a pointless viral campaign - essentially a chain letter. The message requested that: Some fun is going on....just write the colour of your bra in your status..just the colour, nothing else, and... Continue Reading →

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