Never Not Comfortable: GANT Tech Prep

I've been a bit of a fabric nerd since studying textile technology as part of my BSc in the mid 90s. Finding out which fibres have good wicking properties, enabling moisture to be drawn away from the skin, and discovering the ways in which manufacturers were developing fabrics that were both breathable and easy care... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fashion Fabrics: Polyester

Polyester suffers from an image problem. Mention its name to people and they often have a negative reaction, as synthetic fabrics are still thought of as uncomfortable and unfashionable. However, polyester is actually one of the most exciting and versatile fibres available to clothing designers today. In Nylon: The Manmade Fashion Revolution, Susannah Handley charts... Continue Reading →

Clothing quality and gender

A little while ago, I was talking to Jamie from The Test Shot about whether women's clothing is made from lower quality fabrics than men's. Jamie has since pointed me towards an interesting blog post by HijabMan called why I dress my daughter in "boy" jeans. It hadn't occurred to me that some people didn't... Continue Reading →

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