A wardrobe for the senses

First came the dress that rustles when I move. Although it's not a party frock it very much sounds like one, and this startled me at first. I bought it second hand sometime around 2009, and the design is clearly based on a 1950s wide-collar full-skirt dress. I loved it from the second I tried... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fashion Fabrics: Nylon

Yes, you read that right... nylon. You might not realise, because it's often now referred to as polyamide on clothing labels, but it's actually still used in womenswear these days as nylon is a tough and rather fascinating fibre that's suitable for all manner of uses. Including fashion. Nylon was introduced by Du Pont in... Continue Reading →

Oasis and the Warner Textile Archive

Oasis have been knocking out the park in the last couple of years with their spectacular collaborations. I absolutely loved the collections that were inspired by prints from the V&A's archives - I bought four pieces from the second collection! - and their AW15 collaboration with photographer John Grant was full of stunning dark florals.... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fashion Fabrics: Viscose

Viscose is one of my favourite fibres. As a self confessed fabric nerd, I can spot this manufactured fibre a mile off as its beautiful handle and drape is quite distinctive. As a teenager in the early 1990s, I owned many long skirts and flowing dresses with a beautiful softness and a fluid-like drape to... Continue Reading →

The A-to-Z of Accessories: Obi

The letter O was another tricky one in my A-to-Z of Accessories, and it took me a while to think of something appropriate. After much rummaging around on fashion retailers' websites - all in the name of research! - I decided on obi. Named after the types of sash used in traditional Japanese dress, these... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Fashion Fabrics: Latex

When most people think of latex clothing, they think of fetishwear. While that may be the only rubber garments you could find on the internet a few years ago, believe me, it's not just about super shiny catsuits, tiny mini dresses and uniforms any more. There are some great designers out there who are using... Continue Reading →

How does a fabric handle?

It might sounds a bit strange to ask how a fabric handles, as this is usually a question reserved for sporty motorised vehicles. However, the definition is pretty much the same in both cases - "To behave or perform in a particular way when handled" - and refers to how the object feels. Handle is... Continue Reading →

Fit, feel and drape

I really don't like buying clothes online. As yet another massive fashion retailing website goes online this week - Google's Boutiques.com - I find myself wondering if I'm in a dying breed or real-world shoppers. It's ideal if you have no problem finding clothing that fits and if you're permanently at home to await postal... Continue Reading →

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