Champagne Tasting with Rubyyy Jones

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - What's a girl to do when she gets invited to an evening of champagne tasting and can't make the date? She calls for reinforcements, that's what! Who better to sample the best bubbly on behalf of Rarely Wears Lipstick, than the dazzling burlesque beauty Rubyyy... Continue Reading →

Advice for budding journalists

Last night I had the pleasure of spending an hour in the company of a woman who writes in a down-to-earth manner about fashion, who has a column in The Guardian, and who isn't afraid of a bit of sarcasm. Yes, Hadley Freeman was speaking at London College of Fashion. I took my seat in... Continue Reading →

Mini hiatus due to… BurlyCamp!

Much as I'd love to keep writing this week, I realised that I just don't have time. BurlyCamp is fast approaching and I have so much to do before the weekend. As well as being on the organising team, I'm sitting on the panel for a discussion on Burlesque & Feminism, performing in the show,... Continue Reading →

Come and Talk To Me

In a world of shortened forms of communication, is the art of conversation dead? There are certain times when 140 characters or less really won't do, and charming the pants off someone certainly falls into that category. However, when you spend your days firing off short witticisms on Twitter, crafting a tantalising in-depth message to... Continue Reading →

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