Review: Ayten Gasson peace silk knickers

Luxury lingerie label Ayten Gasson, famous for its beautiful collections and firm commitment to supporting the UK fashion industry, has recently expanded its eco range. Designed and made in Britain from organic and peace silks with vintage lace trims, the range has always proved that you don't have to ignore your principles or sacrifice on... Continue Reading →

Ethical shopping at Just… For Fashion

Pop-up shops are proving to be extremely popular at the moment. Many creative and enterprising fashion types are using the format to sell what would otherwise only be available to a limited number of consumers. It's a great way for niche brands, upcoming designers, and collaborative online boutiques to raise awareness and increase sales without... Continue Reading →

Introducing… The WISE Creative

The WISE Creative aims to promote what Wales, (Northern) Ireland, Scotland and England have to offer by bringing together luxury brands manufacturing within the British Isles. With a core belief that small independent brands stand stronger together when in a supportive and collaborative group, Helena F McKeown and Rose Fulbright set up The Wise Creative... Continue Reading →

How to follow trends and be ethical

At first glance, fast fashion and slow fashion don't appear to be friends. Fast fashion is about keeping up with the latest trends and ensuring you fit in. Whereas slow fashion seems to be more about standing out. When it comes to fashion, most people reckon you're either someone who chooses a look designers, editors... Continue Reading →

Style with Ethics: Bibico

If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I love telling you about the fantastic brands and retailers that I have discovered. As I have a fondness for stylish sustainable clothing - and for showing people that it is possible to be fashionable without damaging the planet, or taking advantage of the people who make... Continue Reading →

RWL Awards Sponsor… Pants to Poverty

In the last of my posts surrounding the Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards, let me take some time to introduce you to the other wonderful brand who featured in the winners goodie bags on the night - the fashionable and ethical Pants to Poverty. Since 2005, Pants to Poverty have been making and selling gorgeous and... Continue Reading →

Ethical fashion and the power of “we”

Ethical fashion used to be overlooked by the majority of shoppers due to a bit of a bad image. Uninspiring organic cotton basics and drab accessories made from hemp were never going to excite the dedicated fashionistas of this world, so they looked elsewhere. These days, more and more consumers are becoming wise to the... Continue Reading →

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