Competition Time: Winner #3

The time has come to announce the winner of my third and final "clearing out Lori's flat" blog competition. This time last week I showed you a pile of saucy goodies that needed to go to a good home, and quite a few of you were keen to get your hands on them. At the... Continue Reading →

Competition Time: Over 18s only!

Today sees the third and final competition in my clearing-out-the-flat series, and the prize this time is rather smutty indeed. This little parcel of goodies will contain a copy of Tracy Cox's "100 Hot Sex Positions", which I reviewed for BitchBuzz last year. Even if you're not one for working your way through many sexual... Continue Reading →

Writing Sex Right

One of the many things I enjoy in life is talking about sex. Whether the subject is how to do it, what turns you on, who you do it with, or who you tell, talking about sex with the right crowd of people can be fascinating. Writing about sex is fantastic too. Blogging about sexual... Continue Reading →

Competition time: Goodie bag winner

Thanks very much to everyone who entered this week's competition to win a Sh! goodie bag. Once more, I recruited the perfect judge to look through your entries. Tal Younis is a big fan of Sh! stores, was the driving force behind the oh-so-naughty charity event Barelesque and is a west London lady, so who... Continue Reading →

Exploring with Sacred Pleasures

There are many aspects to sex that the majority of people are unaware of and so never fully explore. Because society has taught us that sex is "naughty", many people fail to look further than intercourse with a few positions and a couple of toys and, while this works fine for many, for some people... Continue Reading →

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