Note to self…

We all want to help our friends in times of need. Some of us will always be there to listen and offer advice when asked, time and time again, simply because we want to. Because we care about the people close to us and their problems. Occasionally though, this can result in us forgetting to... Continue Reading →

Putting pen to paper

Letter writing is something I used to do a lot of in the 1990s, but is a little bit of a lost art now that I'm a self-confessed email and SMS addict. I still remember writing to my first boyfriend while he was away at university. Every time I received a letter, my mum would... Continue Reading →

Time to heal

You know I said last week that things weren't bad? Well, that all changed. I've entered a new week with a bit of confusion, a lot of hurt feelings and fewer relationships. After all that talk about how it's possible to get through the tough times, I realised that sometimes it just isn't going to... Continue Reading →

Help needed

Sometimes the people you love need help to get them through emotionally tricky times, but this isn't always as easy to provide as you might think. All caring friends are willing to listen to problems and offer advice, but occasionally things become too much for a non-professional to fix - so how do you continue... Continue Reading →

On secondary relationships…

I currently have two partners, but describing these relationships to others can often be tricky. It seems logical to call the person I have lived with for over a decade my primary partner, but the accompanying term that I might use to describe the person I have been with since the start of the year,... Continue Reading →

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