Mother’s Ruin

For years, I thought I didn't like gin. The taste was nice but the after effects were dreadful. I'd nearly always end up depressed and in tears, with a nasty hangover the day after. Turns out, it's only Gordon's gin which does this to me. As soon as I sampled another gin, I realised I... Continue Reading →

Champagne Tasting with Rubyyy Jones

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - What's a girl to do when she gets invited to an evening of champagne tasting and can't make the date? She calls for reinforcements, that's what! Who better to sample the best bubbly on behalf of Rarely Wears Lipstick, than the dazzling burlesque beauty Rubyyy... Continue Reading →

One night in Wan Chai

We first visited Hong Kong in 2005 (when I took this photo on my Lomo LC-A) and we did lots of tourist things. So far this time, it's been a rather different experience. Last night we went out with a lovely bunch of expat WAGs to a few bars in Wan Chai which, it turned... Continue Reading →


Monday was a pretty strange one. One of my Swedish friends has been suggesting we all try surströmming for a while now but, with it being fermented herring, we were all a little cautious. I mean, fermented... that's like rotting, right? We were skeptical to say the least. Still, Magnus insisted, and so this summer... Continue Reading →

Blogmeet or tweetup?

A number of years ago, when this blog was in its previous incarnation and had lots of readers (perhaps due to the lack of more exciting things on the internet), there was a gang of excellent bloggers who I followed on a daily basis. We frequently commented on each other's blogs and felt we knew... Continue Reading →

I remember when…

I remember when real-word meetings of online communities were fun. When groups of users from a particular website would get together at someone's house, a coffee shop or in a pub and discuss the things they are passionate about. The things that brought them together.About 6 years ago I met up with a group of... Continue Reading →

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