5 fabulous frocks for killer cleavage

I promised myself I wasn't going to blog about the reported 'return of cleavage', simply because a handful of red carpet frocks do not dictate mainstream fashion trends (let's be honest, it's just an excuse for news outlets to share photos of Rihanna looking awesome), but Caroline O'Donoghue's piece for The Pool tipped me over... Continue Reading →

Review: Love ur Look

I first wrote about Love ur Look last year and have been keen to try on some of their lovely vintage-inspired dresses ever since. Well, it finally happened this weekend, as Love ur Look are running a pop-up shop with Lady K Loves, Silly Old Sea Dog and Innabox over at the Old Truman Brewery... Continue Reading →

BOB by Dawn O’Porter

When I discovered This Old Thing on Channel 4 in 2014, I was instantly hooked. Watching Dawn O'Porter convert high street clothing addicts to the joys of vintage shopping was an absolute joy to behold, plus her team of experts made some pretty wonderful alterations to viewer's pre-loved treasures. So, when I heard that Dawn... Continue Reading →

Introducing… Folie A Deux

As you might imagine, I get a fair amount of emails in my inbox that are about something I might want to feature on Rarely Wears Lipstick. Most of the time it's messages from PR companies who clearly haven't read my site and are offering me exclusive interviews with sports stars or other completely inappropriate... Continue Reading →

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