Finding a new me, via illustration

Back in 2010, I snapped a self portrait with my phone using an app called Toy Camera. As this was the first ever Android phone, and so it would be another two years until I could install Instagram, I was still trying to find a camera app that would recreate some of the features that... Continue Reading →

The multi-talented Ian Bruce

One of the winners at this year's Erotic Awards was Ian Bruce, creator of the glorious erotic art book RubiCANE: SOUVENIR. He said before the winners were announced that, if he won one of the golden winged penis trophies, it would be "the omniscient presence on my dining table". I would very much like to... Continue Reading →

Playful Promises design competition

Playful Promises have launched a design competition inviting students, graduates and those with a flair for fashion to submit lingerie designs for the Playful Promises Spring/Summer 2013 lingerie collection. Paradise is Playful Promises forthcoming SS13 lingerie collection, featuring "a future-retro look inspired by innocence versus sin and exotic infusions". Inspiring stuff! Playful Promises is looking... Continue Reading →

Getting things done

Yesterday's blog post caused a small wave of muttering to pass across Twitter and Facebook. It turns out that many people do have things to finish that they need a bit of extra motivation for, however, not everyone was up for letting me blog about their efforts. Too scary for some, not enough definition to... Continue Reading →

Awesome Ideas: The motivation project

Following on from yesterday's post, I have decided to start something small which I hope will provide a bit of motivation and encouragement to any readers suffering from a bad case of procrastination. If you have a project that needs to be finished but that you are struggling to get yourself organised enough to complete,... Continue Reading →

How to be creative

I have always been a creative person. A great many years of enjoyable art classes at school, followed by a year at art college and then a partly creative university degree has left me with a useful framework around which to organise the creative process, and a wealth of knowledge of techniques, processes and art... Continue Reading →

Life drawing at 40 Winks

Last night I attended a life drawing evening at the beautiful 40 Winks with the fabulous ladies from Kink Ink. We were greeted at the door by Mr Carter in his top hat and, despite Rae's best efforts, were not put on the naughty list and so were allowed in. Just as well really, as... Continue Reading →

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