The terror of the blank page

Two Who episodes have passed since I last updated here because I have, once again, been overcome by a strange thing I call blog fear. I often feel the need to write, but the blank page (or white box in my browser) sometimes taunts me with reminders that what I write must be worth reading...... Continue Reading →

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space

On Flickr, Jazz Devil commented on this photo that it made her "think of the Doctor Who theme tune" so it seemed like a suitable thing to update my blog with before the weekend. The new series starts on BBC1 on Saturday with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. Sadly, the new TARDIS interior doesn't... Continue Reading →

Going to your GP for a cold?

I've just read a Times Online article by Jamie Whyte entitled Of course demand for GPs is too high -- a visit costs zero. Whyte proposes charging a 10 appointment fee to deter people with 'sniffles' and assumes that most people will be able to pay. Aside from the fact that this goes against the... Continue Reading →

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