How to live-tweet a conference

Since returning to academia, I have attended a lot of conferences and panel discussion events. Ever since I live-tweeted the Costume Society's Study Day in 2012, people have been telling me that they really enjoy my reporting of events like this via social media. It started as an easy way for me to keep track... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about sex

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a attend a small event to "discuss women's sexual wellbeing in today's culture and the myths associated with this subject". It's an interesting topic and one which I could debate on for hours when I have an appropriate space filled with interested people, so I said... Continue Reading →

Why Fashion Matters

When I tell people I'm studying the history and culture of fashion, I get a mixture of responses. Perhaps because I'm female and dress to stand out rather than fit in, people often react as if I couldn't possibly be studying anything else. Some folk take the opportunity to declare that they, personally, know nothing... Continue Reading →

Ask A Feminist: Intersectionality

This month's question is: How do you think intersectionality can become the norm, as opposed to it often being seen as an oppositional ideology? The first couple of replies were sent directly to me, but the rest were sent to the group as a whole, resulting in a very interesting discussion! Let us know your... Continue Reading →

100 Women: Half the World Speaks

This, Friday 25th October, the BBC are hosting their first 100 Women event at New Broadcasting House in London. 100 women from around the world have been selected and invited to come together for a day of discussion, review and thinking. The event marks the end of the 100 Women season, which has been running... Continue Reading →

Can fashion improve lives?

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my induction into the Graduate School at London College of Fashion, I attended a debate entitled "Can Fashion Improve Lives?" The discussion panel included: Frances Corner (Head of London College of Fashion), Caryn Franklin (Visiting Fellow at LCF, fashion activist and founder of All Walks Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Advice for budding journalists

Last night I had the pleasure of spending an hour in the company of a woman who writes in a down-to-earth manner about fashion, who has a column in The Guardian, and who isn't afraid of a bit of sarcasm. Yes, Hadley Freeman was speaking at London College of Fashion. I took my seat in... Continue Reading →

Men, women: Different, equal

Before my festive blogging lull occurred, I was chatting to some female friends and discovered something so surpising that it was worth keeping in mind to blog about it now. The five of us were sat enjoying a spot of bubbly and some seasonal food, when the conversation somehow turned to feminism. I forget exactly... Continue Reading →

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