Making my mark

I've wanted a tattoo for years. I love the way a good design looks and the way it becomes part of a person. I love the way they can mark a moment in your life and make you look at your own body in a new light. I love the way it's a beautiful piece... Continue Reading →

125 Years of Celebrating Women

My mother had a turquoise halter-neck Triumph bikini in the 1970s that my sister and I found one day in the 1990s, stashed away in bags of old clothes we were rummaging through in the attic. We spent a long time trying to convince mum that she should give it to one of us as... Continue Reading →

How to be creative

I have always been a creative person. A great many years of enjoyable art classes at school, followed by a year at art college and then a partly creative university degree has left me with a useful framework around which to organise the creative process, and a wealth of knowledge of techniques, processes and art... Continue Reading →

My morning as a fashion designer

Emails are still flying back and forth about my sister's wedding, despite the date being as yet unconfirmed, and there are now going to be three bridesmaids. Because she is kind enough to not force us all into the same style of dress, Fi asked us to email her photos of dresses that we liked... Continue Reading →

Superficial? Moi?

Many years ago, before my age had reached double figures, I got a Fashion Wheel for Christmas. I spent many hours producing 'drawings' of different outfits using all of the combinations available on the wheel and promptly decided that I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. Years passed and, aged 16,... Continue Reading →

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