Can fashion improve lives?

A couple of weeks ago, as part of my induction into the Graduate School at London College of Fashion, I attended a debate entitled "Can Fashion Improve Lives?" The discussion panel included: Frances Corner (Head of London College of Fashion), Caryn Franklin (Visiting Fellow at LCF, fashion activist and founder of All Walks Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Is female sexual dysfunction a myth?

Tonight I'm off to the Institute of Psychiatry to attend one of the Maudsley Debates on a rather fascinating topic. The 'Love is a Drug' debate asks, "Is female sexual dysfunction disorder a work of fiction dreamt up by 'Big Pharma' or an under-recognised and under-treated condition that has been side-lined by clinicians for too... Continue Reading →

Feminism vs. Burlesque

My love affair with burlesque is like a rollercoaster. Some days that's a good thing and it's like Nemesis - really exciting with plenty of ups and downs, but the highs are so great that they compensate for the lows. On other days it's like Oblivion - it has the potential to make me feel... Continue Reading →

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