Why do women read the Daily Mail?

I don't usually read the Daily Fail's website but sometimes its headlines are so ridiculous that, when you catch sight of one via Twitter or someone else's newspaper on public transport, you just have to investigate further. Like this: Gender-bender chemicals 'putting everyone at risk'. From the use of the phrase 'gender bender' to the... Continue Reading →

The week that was

As addictive and timewasting as it can be, sometimes spending time on Twitter really does feel like it's a good thing. Last week, I was swept up in several waves of Twitter do-gooding and it felt good. Really good. Like I was an activist or something.On October 13th, Twitter was awash with people commenting on... Continue Reading →

Patronising, fake and pointless

Former Editor of Marie Claire magazine, Liz Jones, says today in the Daily Fail that she's given up on glossy magazines. It's nice to know I'm not the only one (although I realised this at least six years ago), but I am amazed that this particular newspaper has chosen to print the article. Jones says... Continue Reading →

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