Feminism Friday: Talking shop

Whether we like it or not, feminism is something that touches all of our lives in the Western world. Frequently misunderstood, it's a fascinating topic of discussion and a label for a starting point from which opinions can be formed. I discovered feminism when my disillusionment with women's magazines in my 20s sparked an internet... Continue Reading →

Cybher: Geek is the new chic

In October last year, the lovely Siān To asked me to speak at a conference she was organising. The first inclusive event for female bloggers in the UK, Cybher was going to be full of interesting speakers covering all sorts of topics relevant to women and so I was delighted to be asked to take... Continue Reading →

The Cybher ‘Meet and Greet’

Last year, the lovely Siān To asked me to speak at her conference for female bloggers, Cybher. It's going to be the first inclusive female blogger event in the UK, and will bring together a varied selection of interesting bloggers and speakers for your education and entertainment. Lots of topics will be covered - from... Continue Reading →

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