2016: A Knockout Year for Underwear?

We're only a couple of months in to 2016, but it's already proving to be quite an exciting year in the world of underwear. Obviously, this is of particular interest to an undie-obsessive like me, but there is much to hint at this being a more engaging year than most. A handful of the many... Continue Reading →

The Class of 2015: Lingerie Open Studio

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the open studio event for this year's graduates of the BA (Hons) Fashion Contour course at London College of Fashion. I recently gave a talk to students on all years of this course about using social media (including blogs and bloggers!) to promote their work, so the... Continue Reading →

5 glamorous tops to wear with a corset

There has been much discussion in the press lately about corsets thanks to the debate surrounding the size of Lily James' waist in the Disney movie Cinderella. I won't go into this here, as Marianne Faulkner has already said it far better than I ever could on The Lingerie Addict, except to say that corsets... Continue Reading →

Lingerie lust list: January

I see so many gorgeous items of lingerie online that I finally decided that it was worth compiling a short 'lust list' each month to share the joy with you all. There are so many brands I love and individual pieces that catch my eye, many of which are completely out of my price or... Continue Reading →

Clearing out my burlesque closet

Over the last four years, I have accumulated rather a lot of clothing and accessories that I no longer have a use for. When will I wear nipple pasties that look like Christmas presents? Or a mirrored bra*? Or a corset that has matching satin frilly knickers? Yes, now that Miss Lolly Pops has retired,... Continue Reading →

Rarely Wears Lipstick guide to corsets

The corset is a garment that can divide opinion. To some, it's a symbol of physical oppression and sexual objectification. To others, it's an illustration of the sexual power of the wearer. We are certainly lucky to live in the 21st Century where corset wearing is not compulsory but, for those who enjoy the aesthetics... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Fashion Nerd

You know how grammar nerds get all uppity at people using the wrong word or mis-using apostrophes? You know how sci-fi geeks delight in pointing out that the quote you've just uttered is inaccurate? Well, I'm a new kind of pedant. I'm a garment nerd. I hate it when talentless hacks describe Lady Gaga's latest... Continue Reading →

Get the Look: Agent Provocateur

I've never really understood those 'Get the Look' features that women's magazines are so keen on and I have only now realised why. You have to have a real lust for the ridiculously priced designer garments before you can find joy in locating something similar for less, something that rarely happens to me. Of course,... Continue Reading →

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