I’m just as amazing as you

I saw this image on Facebook and Twitter this morning, and the subsequent discussions have been interesting. I assume the image was designed to help women feel better about themselves, but the people who created it have not gone about this in a particularly useful way. First of all, I'm pretty sure many people would... Continue Reading →

Fall in love with yourself on V-Day

I've mentioned before that lingerie should be primarily purchased with the needs of the wearer in mind, rather than anyone who might have the pleasure of viewing it, and I figured this was probably worth mentioning again as it's Valentine's Day again. There will be much skimpy frilly joy being wafted around retail outlets with... Continue Reading →

How to be happy

Now that I'm happy and confident in myself, it can sometimes be difficult to remember how I was before I achieved this. Telling someone that they look great, and should be content just the way they are, rarely works. It's like someone telling me not to worry: just because you said it, doesn't make it... Continue Reading →

Body Image: Remember… size is just a number

The system used for labelling the sizing of women's clothes is a mystery to most of us. When the various standardised systems were first introduced, it became easier for women to buy clothing off-the-peg and know which garment would be most likely to fit them. However, since the 1980s, UK manufacturers have individually been slowly... Continue Reading →

Can I call you?

I can't remember anyone asking for my phone number on the street, on a bus, or in a bar. Strangers hardly ever approach me with the purpose of telling me I'm hot but, even on the very rare occasions when they do, they never ask if they can call me. (They just stalk me for... Continue Reading →

Age is just a number

According to Jess Cartner-Morley in The Guardian earlier this week, older models are coming back into fashion. Not that they really left, you understand, but now they appear to be getting much more high-profile work than ever before. Once where we'd guffaw at the idea of a 17-year-old model advertising a brand like Louis Vuitton... Continue Reading →

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