Ask A Feminist

In my search for new writers - to ensure that Rarely Wears Lipstick doesn't turn into a lingerie blog - I came across a fantastic suggestion for a new feature: Ask a Feminist. Of course it's been done before elsewhere, but I thought the readers of this site might have some interesting questions and so... Continue Reading →

Sex and relationship advice

Who would you turn to for advice regarding issues in your sex life or relationship? If friends and family simply aren't an option - not everyone can share their problems with people they know - would you consider asking an expert? Many people do write to newspapers and magazines or radio and television shows who... Continue Reading →

Sex writing and the media

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard and my attention was immediately drawn to the pretty girl staring at me from the masthead. "Introducing Millicent Binks" it said, "our new sex columnist". Ah, sex... one of my favourite topics of discussion! Whether it was an educational advice column or a titillating... Continue Reading →

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