April Lust List: Debenhams

I sometimes walk past the Oxford Street flagship Debenhams store on my way to work and their windows have been rather eye catching recently, partly due to some amazing garments from their many fantastic designer diffusion ranges. When it came to compiling a Lust List for April, it had to be a selection from this... Continue Reading →

Buy-Nothing Challenge: Month 1

At the start of this month, I decided to aim to buy no new clothing or accessories for myself for six months. Should there be anything that I decide I actually need during this time - e.g. for weather/an event I cannot currently dress for, of if something I currently own breaks/wears out - I... Continue Reading →

Buy-Nothing Challenge: Update

After my recent realisation that I buy too many clothes, I decided to challenge myself to a month without buying any at all to see if I could break the habit. My theory was that it had become second nature to spend on a thing I liked, simply because it made me happy, without any... Continue Reading →

How to Find Your Personal Style

As someone who has a definite style, works at a fashion college and is rarely seen in an outfit that hasn't been carefully planned out, I often get asked for style tips. Last summer I played the part of personal shopper twice and it got me thinking about how I could distil my advice into... Continue Reading →

Unwrapping my winter wardrobe

Because of an unusually mild autumn, I got my winter wardrobe out of hibernation somewhat later than usual this year. This biannual event has been something I've done since I was a teenager and began out of practicality, as I've never lived anywhere with a wardrobe large enough to accommodate all of my clothes. However,... Continue Reading →

Clothing vs “The Outfit”

I don't really do outfit posts on this blog, as a) I'm much more about the text than the photos, b) I rarely snap anything more than selfies of my clothes, and c) how much can you really say about one outfit? OK, so I could meticulously list where I got every item that I'm... Continue Reading →

Clothing quality and gender

A little while ago, I was talking to Jamie from The Test Shot about whether women's clothing is made from lower quality fabrics than men's. Jamie has since pointed me towards an interesting blog post by HijabMan called why I dress my daughter in "boy" jeans. It hadn't occurred to me that some people didn't... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Fashionably Feminist?

I often wonder whether I wholeheartedly identify with the label "feminist". It's a tricky one as it means so many different things to so many different people and yet preconceived notions of angry man haters still abound. The problem I have isn't so much that I think there's a correct way to be a feminist,... Continue Reading →

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