Ask A Feminist: Intersectionality

This month's question is: How do you think intersectionality can become the norm, as opposed to it often being seen as an oppositional ideology? The first couple of replies were sent directly to me, but the rest were sent to the group as a whole, resulting in a very interesting discussion! Let us know your... Continue Reading →

Sensual Spanking at Sh!

Those naughty Sh! Girlz have been busily planning another one of their exciting erotic classes so, if you've always been a bit curious about spanking, you should probably get yourself down to their Hoxton Square store next Thursday. Sensual Spanking with Miss Myers aims to show you how the art of spanking (yes, there's an... Continue Reading →

Intersectionali… what?

Today, The Guardian reposted an article from Louise Mensch's blog, entitled how about some reality-based feminism? In it, Mensch makes some very good points about the current propensity for feminists on Twitter to lose their point under a pile of buzzwords. I completely agree that feminism has become alienating to those who don't understand words... Continue Reading →

Dare to take control

Have you ever wanted to be bolder and braver in the bedroom? Have you ever wanted to take charge but are unsure where to start... and don't know if your partner will like it? If so, you should check out She's on Top, a Coco de Mer Salon where professional Mistress Miss Severity Myers will... Continue Reading →

Fashion Theory: Trickle-Down

Part 1 of a 6-part series on aspects of fashion theory, specifically cultural studies and object analysis. Written partly to reassure myself that I do understand the concepts and partly to help clarify things for others, this post is based on notes I took during a lecture at London College of Fashion by Dr Agnès... Continue Reading →

Irreverent Ballet

Have you ever wanted to learn ballet? I have to admit that it never particularly appealed to me. A strict rules and "we're not here to have fun" approach to getting fit isn't really my thing. Even as a child, when I wasn't allowed to opt out of this whole exercise malarkey, I preferred the... Continue Reading →

Knockout Knickers at The Make Lounge

Last night I returned to The Make Lounge, with Rae this time, for a workshop called Knockout Knickers. I don't necessarily want to make my own underwear, but I do have a need to learn how to sew elastic onto fabric without jamming my machine and ending up with an expensive disaster, so I thought... Continue Reading →

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