Why festive glamour is the best

When it comes to fashion and beauty, I am a huge fan of glamour. While some may call it superficial, I really couldn't care less for that attitude as glamour is far more about equal opportunities than most aspects of the fashion industry. You can be any age or body shape, with far from model-like... Continue Reading →

LCF College Shop returns for 2014

The London College of Fashion annual festive pop-up shop, COLLEGE SHOP, has opened today with the biggest and most exciting stock of student and graduate work in its four year history. I have visited the shop every year - in the vibrant Carnaby area of London - and am always impressed with the creativity of... Continue Reading →

Recipe for a fun festive season

As we enter the festive season, designed to bring cheer to the dark days of winter, I thought I would share my recipe for the perfect secular Christmas. NOTE: All quantities can be adjusted to taste, and substitutions can be made wherever specific ingredients cannot be located. Enjoy! Preparation Begin the festive season by giving... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays

As I've never been Christian, it has always felt slightly awkward referring to this time of year as Christmas. However, seeing as most of the traditions I enjoy were originally part of the Yule celebrations, I feel that it's still acceptable for me to join in... even if I'm usually a little careful of the... Continue Reading →

Rubyyy Jones’ Holiday Wish List: Part 1

Hello Darlings! It's that time of year again... can you believe it? I'm still in Hallowe'en, dark, mysterious winter mode, I don't want to emerge from my Thanksgiving-Samhain-Scorpio-Birthday cave. I'm not a big Christmas kinda girl, I find all the material pressure a bit much but anyone who knows me knows I love giving and... Continue Reading →

Fabulously fun festive treats

I thought about writing a festive post, but then... we went to the pub. There was winter/Christmas beer and cider so, now we're home - with Topper and Manda hilariously making eggnog whilst tipsy - I thought I'd just give you a bit of a festive link post instead. Not just any links though. These... Continue Reading →

Joy to the world

I never know how to dress during the festive season. Although there are often more parties to attend at this time of year, and 25th December is usually spent in a cozy home, the rest of the time it can get bloody cold. The icy British wind is no fun at all, but even less... Continue Reading →

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