Review: Icon

I was offered a review copy of a book published by The Feminist Press entitled Icon, edited by Amy Scholder and, to my great shame, it has taken me far too long to get around to writing about it. Described to me as "a collection of writings by prominent feminist writers, thinkers and performers, revealing... Continue Reading →

Feminism Friday: Stepping Out Of Stepford

Towards the end of 2012, a rather momentous occasion occurred: a bottom published a book. That's right, a derriere, rear end, rump, arse or ass achieved status as a published author. I can see that look of head scratching incredulity on your face: why didn't you hear about this? Surely this is something that should... Continue Reading →

Never Meet Your Heroes! (Maybe.)

People often say that you should never meet your heroes as, inevitably, that wonderful mental image you have of them will be shattered into a million tiny pieces when they appear to be less than perfect. The thing is though, it's not them who I'm worried about being less than perfect. It's me. I've met... Continue Reading →

Can celebrities design lingerie?

This week I discovered that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is using her, er, expertise as a lingerie model to design a range of underwear for Marks & Spencer. Can celebrities with no fashion design experience actually put together a decent collection of lingerie? You wouldn't think it was that easy, but anyone who pays enough attention to... Continue Reading →

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