Recipe for a fun festive season

As we enter the festive season, designed to bring cheer to the dark days of winter, I thought I would share my recipe for the perfect secular Christmas. NOTE: All quantities can be adjusted to taste, and substitutions can be made wherever specific ingredients cannot be located. Enjoy! Preparation Begin the festive season by giving... Continue Reading →

Join my birthday celebrations!

Today is my birthday. However, due to a general lack of enthusiasm at this time of year*, I rarely celebrate on the day itself and have even written about the perils of an early January birthday before. Last year, I celebrated my birthday 6 months late and had a great time with balloons and fantastic... Continue Reading →

Champagne Tasting with Rubyyy Jones

This post was written by a RWL Guest Blogger - What's a girl to do when she gets invited to an evening of champagne tasting and can't make the date? She calls for reinforcements, that's what! Who better to sample the best bubbly on behalf of Rarely Wears Lipstick, than the dazzling burlesque beauty Rubyyy... Continue Reading →

Beltane: Conjuring in the summer

While many were enjoying a leisurely bank-holiday weekend at the beginning of May, some of us were in the woods, conjuring in the summer. Let me explain...Beltane is one of the eight pagan festivals in what's called the 'wheel of the year'. It takes place on the first day of May (often called May Day)... Continue Reading →

Staring the year with a bounce

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my whiny self-indulgent pre-birthday blog post last week. I spent the day pondering whether or not to tell my colleagues, who appeared to have forgotten, and moped around a bit for no real reason. By Friday, when my colleagues did remember and I also had a gorgeous birthday... Continue Reading →

Let’s all celebrate me

Birthdays are a strange thing. Despite the fact that they should really only be celebrated when you're growing up, we continue to the tradition throughout our lives even when we're down to three cards and one gift, if we're lucky. As a child, birthdays are one great big OMG-I'm-a-Year-Older excuse for gifts and parties but,... Continue Reading →

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