Increased Productivity Week

In an attempt to be organised and get some things done, I decided that this would be Increased Productivity Week. This is mainly a cunning plan to keep myself off Twitter and see if that helps me got more work done during the day, but it also involves me doing useful things on my two... Continue Reading →

Time and lack thereof

Recently I've been even less organised than usual, so have been almost ignoring my bulging 'to do' list and simply thinking of the fun things (e.g. my pin-up photoshoot with Retro Photostudio and rehearsals for the group act in The Rebel Rebels' Christmas show) rather than the more difficult things (learning vocabulary for my evening... Continue Reading →

Busy, busy, busy

Things have become rather crazy in Lori-land lately. For some reason my evenings and weekends have been booked up and so I'm having to do a lot of planning ahead, hoping that my friends don't think I'm just putting them off and making excuses. I tried to sum it all up in a message to... Continue Reading →

How clean is your house?

I'm back at work after five days of cleaning, scrubbing, wallpapering, painting and general clearing out, in order to make our house in Manchester fit to sell. OK, so now's not really the ideal time for selling property, but the tenants are out and we'd rather not have the hassle of getting some more in.... Continue Reading →

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