Taking time out for… reading

I used to read a lot of fiction. As a child I would power through books in a way that only a kid who lived opposite a library could in the 1980s. As a teenager, I discovered Anne Rice's tales of vampires and witches, giving myself headaches from reading pages and pages of tiny text... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Classic

In a voice over at the beginning of the 1995 film Clueless, the character Cher Horowitz asks the audience, 'isn't my house classic?' She then goes on to explain that 'the columns date all the way back to 1972.' Although viewers may initially laugh at the seemingly naive implication that a twenty year old building... Continue Reading →

Lust List: January

Last year's Lust List evolved from lingerie that I spotted and loved (even if there was no way I could afford or fit into it), into a more inclusive monthly list of interesting underwear, swimwear or nightwear that I had discovered. I was going to start this year with a list of interesting sale items,... Continue Reading →

Sending a gender-neutral message to kids

Dolls and dresses are meant for little girls, while trucks and the color blue are reserved strictly for little boys--at least, that's what some companies would like children to believe. Until recently, you couldn't walk down a toy store isle without noticing the drastic separation between rows of pink toys aimed at girls and blue... Continue Reading →

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