RWL Awards: The Winners!

Last night was the first, and perhaps only, Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards Ceremony. When I had the idea last year to create my own awards bash, I really didn't think it through but - with the help of my nearest and dearest - it turned into a proper polished celebration of the work of many... Continue Reading →

My relationship with Evans

Back in 2009, I had a different attitude to the size of my body and the clothes which covered it. In my 20s I had always told myself - however stupid it might sound now - that I'd take healthy eating and exercise a bit more seriously if I ever reached a size 16. Except,... Continue Reading →

Voting begins for RWL Awards!

Nominations for the first ever Rarely Wears Lipstick awards closed yesterday and I've counted up all your suggestions to come up with eight shortlists for voting. You've nominated some amazing people, organisations and websites! I hope everyone takes a bit of time to check out all the websites and Twitter feeds of the nominees before... Continue Reading →

Support Irreverent Dance!

Earlier this year, my talented and inspiring best friend, Amanda Jones, started a offering body-positive LGBTQ-friendly adult beginners dance classes. As a qualified dance teacher, when friends told her that they would love to learn ballet but couldn't find any classes to suit them, Amanda decided to create one. I took part in her first... Continue Reading →

SLiNK Magazine

How the hell have I only just found out about Slink Magazine? The Guardian's Fashion blog published an interview with Slink's editor-in-chief yesterday and it was amazing to discover that, not only does a fashion magazine for 'plus size' women now exist, but that the thin-bias of the fashion industry makes it extremely hard for... Continue Reading →

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