Blogging about blogging? How meta

Blogging means many things to many people. I registered a domain on 12th July 2001 and started building myself a little personal website, slowly moving towards keeping a strange sort of personal diary of my odd little thoughts, along with a handful of useful and/or funny links. It slowly turned into a blog and I... Continue Reading →

Inspiring, not pointless

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the internet is a fantastic place to socialise, chat and meet new people. What Zoe Williams may think of as "pointless messing about" is, to me, about building new friendships and maintaining existing ones. If didn't exist, I would never have met a whole host... Continue Reading →

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2010

Last week I was excited to receive an invitation to the launch of the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2010. I was unsure whether the person compiling the invite list has stumbled across Rarely Wears Lipstick or whether they'd read my posts over at BitchBuzz, but either way I was curious to find out more so I... Continue Reading →

Blogmeet or tweetup?

A number of years ago, when this blog was in its previous incarnation and had lots of readers (perhaps due to the lack of more exciting things on the internet), there was a gang of excellent bloggers who I followed on a daily basis. We frequently commented on each other's blogs and felt we knew... Continue Reading →

Daily reads

I follow quite a few blogs and really should make an effort to keep up with them on a daily basis, like I used to. In the days before Twitter and Facebook I would update my blog on an almost daily basis* and would check other people's blogs with the same frequency. These days, it's... Continue Reading →

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