Dessous London: Lingerie for Autumn/Winter 2018

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending the second Dessous London event where twenty four lingerie, sleepwear and accessories brands showed their Autumn/Winter 2018 collections to buyers. For this event, Dessous recruited Becky Mount (pictured below, with me and ZoŽ from Gilda & Pearl) to organise a bloggers lunch on the first day of... Continue Reading →

Littlewoods lingerie bloggers event

On Wednesday night, I headed over to Shop Direct's London HQ for a lingerie bloggers event organised by Littlewoods. Having been properly fitted for a bra in recent years, I now feel more confident about buying lingerie online and so was quite excited to see a selection of the brands that this home shopping giant... Continue Reading →

RWL Awards: The Winners!

Last night was the first, and perhaps only, Rarely Wears Lipstick Awards Ceremony. When I had the idea last year to create my own awards bash, I really didn't think it through but - with the help of my nearest and dearest - it turned into a proper polished celebration of the work of many... Continue Reading →

Molly’s Daily Kiss at Sh!

One of the many benefits of knowing so many talented and creative people is that I get the chance to cheerlead for their exciting projects. On Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a lovely little erotic photographic exhibition called A Taste of Molly at the ever welcoming Sh! in Hoxton.... Continue Reading →

Cybher: Geek is the new chic

In October last year, the lovely Si‚n To asked me to speak at a conference she was organising. The first inclusive event for female bloggers in the UK, Cybher was going to be full of interesting speakers covering all sorts of topics relevant to women and so I was delighted to be asked to take... Continue Reading →

Eroticon 2012

On Saturday 3rd March, an interesting collection of erotica writers and sex bloggers gathered in Bristol for Eroticon 2012, the first UK conference dedicated to "writing sex right". I had been invited by the organiser, Ruby Kiddell, to sit on a couple of panels and so arrived bright and early on Saturday morning to collect... Continue Reading →

Come and Talk To Me

In a world of shortened forms of communication, is the art of conversation dead? There are certain times when 140 characters or less really won't do, and charming the pants off someone certainly falls into that category. However, when you spend your days firing off short witticisms on Twitter, crafting a tantalising in-depth message to... Continue Reading →

Guest Blogger Week version 2.0

Earlier this week I realised just how many talented and opinionated friends I have, and so decided to see if a few of them would like to write something for my blog on a subject that's close to them. The guest bloggers I called upon last October came up with a varied selection of well... Continue Reading →

Staring the year with a bounce

Thanks to everyone who left comments on my whiny self-indulgent pre-birthday blog post last week. I spent the day pondering whether or not to tell my colleagues, who appeared to have forgotten, and moped around a bit for no real reason. By Friday, when my colleagues did remember and I also had a gorgeous birthday... Continue Reading →

BitchBuzz birthday bash

I started writing for women's lifestyle website BitchBuzz last December, after many months as an avid reader. It's a pretty special website as it acknowledges that intelligent women have a wide variety of interests, from news and technology to style and relationships, but that we don't want to be talked down to or taken advantage... Continue Reading →

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