Review: Bra fitting at Bravissimo

In February 2011, I reviewed Bravissimo's fitting service for BitchBuzz. Since then, I have used my increased knowledge of bra sizing whenever purchasing bras, and have returned to Bravissimo many times because of the quality of their service. So, I thought it was worth re-posting my review here. Even if most department stores stock your... Continue Reading →

My posts on BitchBuzz: Style & Culture

Although the vast majority of my articles for BitchBuzz have been about sex and relationships, I have covered other topics too. I couldn't resist the odd fashion piece, some reviews for the culture section, and I even managed to get in the odd reference to Spaced. Daisy Steiner was far more 'me' than Carrie Bradshaw... Continue Reading →

My posts on BitchBuzz: Relationships

After a while of writing about sex for BitchBuzz, it became clear that I needed to write about relationships too. After all, the two subjects are so closely interconnected that it's tricky to discuss one without the other. I covered many topics - from friendship, first dates to marriage - and researched many useful tips... Continue Reading →

My posts on BitchBuzz: Sex

One of my favourite subjects to write about for BitchBuzz has been sex. Not only have I written opinion pieces and shared a few tips, but I've also reviewed sex-related books, conferences, exhibitions and museums. I've pondered why some people think burlesque is all about sex, discussed a bit of health and safety, and have... Continue Reading →

My Posts on BitchBuzz: April 2012

I have to admit that I didn't write many sex and relationships articles for BitchBuzz this month. I had a short unplanned hiatus, but now I'm back with a vengeance! Hopefully the Cybher conference on 12th May will help inspire me for future articles. In the meantime, here's what I covered this month...BitchBuzz Sex: How... Continue Reading →

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